Terra Galicia 3

Work Type: photo/video

Materials: printing on archival matte paper or canvas

Size: 60.0 × 90.0 cm

Terra Galicia is a project  devoted to the land and scenery of Galicia (Halychyna) the historical and geographic region in western Ukraine.

It shows the region’s  landscapes,  their unsophisticated beauty, diversity and spirit that are sometimes ignored because of their simplicity and unpretentiousness.

Terra Galicia is an “undiscovered” and unexplored land even though it is nearby.

Terra Galicia is, in essence, Terra Incognita.

On the one hand, Terra Galicia is Halychyna but, on the other hand, it is a separate planet. As you watch these cosmic landscapes you can imagine traveling in space and visiting various places of the unknown planet Terra Galicia.

price and dimensions of work for the Terra Galicia series:

35×52 cm with white borders 42x59cm – edition 15 – price 3900 UAH (Decoration in frame and glass).

60×90 cm with white borders 70x100cm – edition 12 – price 7500 UAH. (Decoration in frame and glass).

80х120 cm – edition 10 – price 4900 UAH (Print on canvas and stretched over a stretcher).

100х150 cm – edition 9 – price 9900 UAH (Print on canvas and stretched over a stretcher).

Limited edition! The works are signed and numbered on the back, with a certificate of authenticity attached to each work.